THAT VANISHING: A Naturalist's Florida by Thomas Barbour

THAT VANISHING: A Naturalist's Florida

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Author of Naturalist At Large (1943) narrows his wanderings to Florida which he has known for half a century, and he places on record the original charm of the state's natural history, changed and devastated though it is today. Here is an album of natural history, rich in discoveries, personal enthusiasms, that ranges from archaeology and diggings to storms and hurricanes, to ditches to alligators and crocodiles. There is information on shell mounds, hammocks, springs and lakes; on beaches, sponges, shells; on the losses in wild life beaches of roadbuilding, construction, the ruining of natural habitats; on m, strangler figs; on the islands and the keys; on David Fairchild and his home, ""Kampong"": on the Everglades. There are, too, suggestions for conservation of the region's flora and fauna....Informed writing, highly recommended in its special field, and providing an unhackneyed approach to state history.

Publisher: Little, Brown