JOBE: The Story of a Trapper's Dog by Thomas C. Hinkle

JOBE: The Story of a Trapper's Dog

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A story that rattles along like an imitation covered wagon on a parade. Man and dog and the wide cattle ranges, man and dog versus wold on the wide cattle ranges, and in the deep woods. Man's best friend in a life and death struggle with the cunning wolf tricked right at the list gasp. Some blood but it's not worth it. Felix, the people trapper and the huge loyal stray dog worm slowly and affectedly through all the trails, spittin' backy juice and bein' plumb amazed at the cunning wolf. This reader was plumb Luckered out at follerin' them critters. A boy would have to be powerful interested in dogs to stick by this one, but Hinkle sells regardless.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1945
Publisher: Morrow