FLYING FORTRESS: The Story of the Boeing Bomber by Thomas Collison

FLYING FORTRESS: The Story of the Boeing Bomber

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This has some of the earmarks of topnotch institutional advertising, but performance speaks louder than words, and so we'll forgive it, for the Flying Fortresses have proved their right to have their story told. Thomas Collison has traced the germ of the idea back to a monoplane on the Mountain Division of Air Transport, back in 1931, and has come down through the succession of successful -- and unsuccessful -- experiments, to the present high degree of success, and ventured a peep into the future, when the children and grandchildren of Flying Fortresses won't be carrying bombs. In addition, he tells of the science shop, where every phase of design, construction, and human aspects are tested; he tells of Seattle and multiplane production; he tells of the school, of flight and ground crew training; and he chronicles the bald history of performance in this war. Fully illustrated with photographs. For men and boys.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1943
Publisher: Scribner