THE KENTUCKY by Thomas D. Clark
Kirkus Star


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The Rivers of America -- all in all -- is one of the best series ever projected and carried through. It seems to me they get better and better, and this is tops. Perhaps it would not stand analysis as a very solid piece of routine scholarship, but for enjoyment and a complete panorama of the region, with all its color and romance, it could not be bettered. The material is not in chronological order, nor historical, nor geographical. It is a kaleidoscope of legend and characters and places; of the blue grass country, the sporting scene, the mountaineers, of horses and resorts, of society and moonshiners, of politics and food and eccentric personalities. There is more of the Carmer (Stars Fell on Alabama) flavor, making one feel that the river is the apotheosis of Americana, told, rugged, individualistic. A grand job.

ISBN: 0813117267
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart