THIS WINGED WORLD by Thomas -- Editor Collison


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An anthology of literature of the air, which contains 36 contributions on all phases of aviation, in historical sequence. From legends, early prophetic stories, to narratives of the early years of aviation in this country, -- on to tales of the last war, air mail and passenger transport, adventure, and the crop from this war. The panorama reflects the currents of thought and presents true pictures of the profession, in carefully chosen fiction, whose preface and introductory notes to each story, provide added interest to such an unusual collection. Among the authors are Sinclair Lewis (represented by 6 chapters from his second novel The Trail of the Hawk, (1909) Doyle, Wells, Wallace, Irwin James, Warner Bellah, Leland Jamieson, Paul Gallico, Guy Gilpatric, Richard Sale, Edgar Allen Poe, Samuel Johnson, etc., etc. Here are the dreams, the obstacles, the growth of tradition, the courage of the men, and the personalities of the aircraft. A good job.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1943
Publisher: Coward McCann