THE MORMONS by Thomas F. O'Dea


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There is probably no American religious group about whom there is current more misinformation than about the Mormons. West's Kingdom of the Saints (Viking- see report p. 171) and now this book, by an associate professor of sociology at Fordham, will combine to make available a great fund of facts, and the meaning of these facts. Mr. O' seeks to fill the gap between fact and fancy. Who are the Mormons? What do they believe. How have they managed to hold together, through persecution and isolation? What is it that makes these ""Latter-day Saints"" peculiarly American? These are the questions he seeks to answer, and he tells a thrilling story. Libraries should have a copy and serious students of history, sociology and religion will find the book valuable. One a wide popular appeal however.

Publisher: Univ. of Chicago Press