EDGE OF MANHOOD by Thomas Fall


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See-a-way, a Shawnee boy, finds it difficult to reconcile his pride in himself and his people with the indignity of having to submit to the white man. As he prepares himself for manhood by passing several rigorous endurance tests, his frustration becomes stronger. He has traveled with his family to the Indian Territory in Oklahome, and resents the fact that his tribe will be forced to fight with the Pottawotamio for the land. Although he is quite willing to make friends with a Pottawotamie, he decides that his own ability to withstand pain is such that he will have his own war against the white man, starting by going on the warpath against the new Quaker school. This is a short but interesting glimpse of the activities of the Shawnees as the conquest of the Indians became complete and a realistic portrayal of a boy who must learn that his maturity rests in his ability to accept certain necessary relations with other people as well as in his physical prowess.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1964
Publisher: Dial