FIRE AT SEA by Thomas Gallagher
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The Story of the Morro Castle contains an inescapable fascination composed of enigma, violence, and of a harrowing mystery, ultimately solved. The curious circumstances of the disaster--the lack of life boats and preservers, the fact that out of the 98 survivors, 92 were crew members, the sudden death of the Captain, the ensuing trial--suggest all the elements of a who-dun-it, and the final conclusion that the man who was considered at the time to be the hero of the occasion, was in reality the incendiarist, and later, when a member of the police force, plotted the murder of his superior, further substantiate the theory that truth is often more dramatic than fiction. A natural selection for readers of other maritime disasters and for those enthusiasts of such books as Collision Course.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1959
Publisher: Rinehart