BUSINESS ETHICS by Thomas Garrett


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This is a book of ethics written at the request of businessmen concerned about the practical applications of principles to practive. Even so, there is no pretense of providing a definitive work. Father Garrett, a professor of ethics, contents himself with supplying a core introduction to a complex -- and by no means clear-cut -- area of human judgments. In doing so, he delves into questions of social and political philosophy as well as into matters of truthfulness, justice and fair treatment of employees. Emphasis throughout is on corporations rather than small business although the application is quite clear on both levels. Nevertheless, a mixture of actual cases sketch approaches to specific situations. Father Garrett has indeed performed a tremendous service in giving the benefit of his personal involvement in the problems of business to this volume of ethical observations which may well be the source for a workable set of business ethics. This should be called to the attention of serious minded businessmen and all concerned in the corporate mentality of the country.

Publisher: Sheed & Ward