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Twenty years after The Wind Chill Factor, John Cooper goes to post-unification Germany and saves the world from the Fourth Reich -- again. John's been leading a quiet life in Boston, nursing a heart broken in the previous book by Lise Koller, who, in addition to being the love of his life, happens to be the sister he didn't know he had until he met and fell in love with her. He's also trying to come to terms with his family's attraction to Nazism when beautiful reporter Beate Hubermann arrives from Germany with a message from Lise. Lise's daughter, Erika, has disappeared, and rather than turn to her enormously successful and powerful businessman husband, Wolf, Lise contacts John, whom she hasn't seen in 20 years, for help. Lise doesn't feel she can trust Wolf, and with reason -- in addition to trying to take over the world, Wolf is also having Lise slowly poisoned to death. John flies to Germany and wanders into the latest Nazi revival movement, code-named SPARTAKUS. Also involved are superannuated American intelligence agents; the Russians; a retired Texas tycoon with a slightly odd accent; and the mysterious Professor, who is extremely displeased to hear of John's meddling. When Erika, who is holed up in the Bavarian Alps, discovers that her father had her boyfriend killed (for leaking secret information about SPARTAKUS), she comes out of hiding to foil Wolf's plans. Wolf orders his daughter killed and speeds up the signing of the agreement between Germany and Russia that will set the SPARTAKUS process in motion. The meeting never takes place, however, and in the final chapter, a bloody shootout in a snowstorm decides the fates of both Germany and the sibling-lovers. Fast-paced and engrossing. The players may be older, but the action hasn't slowed in this exciting sequel that was worth the wait.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1994
ISBN: 0553763407
Page count: 480pp
Publisher: Bantam