WIND CHILL FACTOR by Thomas Gifford


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Gifford is a new writer with a relatively new story and more than enough action to implement it -- beginning up nowhere in Minnesota where John Cooper is called back to the home place by his older brother Cyril -- no longer alive by the time he arrives. Nor does Paula, the librarian he loved, have any greater chances of survival since she had discovered the papers connecting grandfather Austin Cooper with the Nazi hierarchy and Cyril had just returned from Buenos Aires. Anyone looking for Martin Bormann down there will be dead wrong -- instead there's Maria, whose professor father had also been killed, and a long search for a sister, presumably dead in the blitz, now married to a Nazi. It would seem once again that there's no good Nazi except a dead one and they don't stay that way for long -- they come right back to drive Mercedes up and down Pennsylvania Avenue and the Fourth Reich is a more clear and present danger than the one we've just survived. . . . Not quite the torsion of Robert Ludlum but a stringent adventure where the solid crunch of the iron heel should make itself felt. Putnam Award Winner.

Pub Date: Nov. 25th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam