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by Thomas Glick

Pub Date: June 6th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1470079512
Publisher: CreateSpace

Glick details outside-the-box strategies to successfully mediate disputes.

The author takes a balanced approach to resolving disputes from personal injury cases to workplace compensation disputes. Much of the book details ways of using nontraditional mediation techniques to encourage the two parties to find the best possible outcome for both sides. The author repeatedly shows how an understanding of human psychology helps smooth the way toward resolution. Often an apology or a sense of understanding is all a party seeks when entering a lawsuit or mediation. In one example, using his own personal experience of disability as a mediation tool, Glick demonstrates how a nearly fatal accident left him in a better position to inspire clients to resolve disputes and better their lives. He shows a client that living with a disability does not have to drastically curtail mobility—he pulls up a pant leg and reveals the leg injury that left him unable to walk without a brace. The client, who entered the mediation seeking permanent disability compensation, realized that he didn’t truly want a life without work. Glick’s creative, insightful explorations of various scenarios lead to a prismatic understanding of each side of the dispute. The clearly written, accessible book could help those working in a capacity where conflict resolution is necessary. At times, examples become repetitive—even drastically different conflicts are boiled down to bottom-line concepts—but this is a feature of the author’s ability to break down a complex situation into simple ideas.

An encouraging book that sheds light on unique, approachable ways to solve conflicts where people often walk away satisfied.