P.E.T. IN ACTION by Thomas Gordon


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Subtitled Inside P.E.T. Families: New Problems, Insights, and Solutions in Parent Effectiveness Training, this sequel to Dr. Gordon's 1970 best seller provides more of the same sound advice and instructive examples about handling family collisions. Parents can ascertain what a particular behavior represents to a child by Active Listening and indicate how a problem affects them by sending I-messages. The emphasis is on developing the child's capacity for self-direction: whoever ""owns"" the problem takes the responsibility for solving it. Gordon presents the reactions of parents who have read his book or taken the course and recounts the most common beginnings (self-consciousness, too much too soon), the difficulties of switching gears from power to problem-solving techniques, and further applications of the theory to infants (dubious) and toddlers. The quickest resolutions appear in families with younger children who often pick up the terminology themselves (""We don't get into trouble in our family. We have conflicts""). In the teenage years ""when parents discover their big guns run out of ammunition,"" the transition is thornier but there have been dramatic improvements in these households too, especially where parents recognize value conflicts. Despite the tendency to label each variation of the theory, this is one of the more established, workable approaches to constructive parenting.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Wyden--dist. by Playboy