HIS MAJESTY'S YANKEES by Thomas H. Raddall


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In September (see page 294) Scribner is publishing Cyril Harris' One Braver Thing, which is a story of the early struggle of the American Loyalists to find a foothold in dissension torn Nova Scotia. Now comes His Majesty's Yankees, a more intimately detailed record of the reasons for that dissension. The two books dovetail neatly, Mr. Raddall shows a country divided against itself, with the Whigs, perhaps, in the majority, but unequipped, scattered, unprepared to stand off the power of the mother country unless aid comes from the other colonies, with which they consider themselves allied. Most of them are New Englanders who have won this soil by fighting and perserverance. They expect help from Massachusetts -- and it does not come. From Congress, meeting in Philadelphia -- and they are ignored. From Washington -- and he has all he can do to keep his own tiny force together. Families are divided. Conflicting plans bring confusion. Through the story, the plot centers chiefly around young Dave, vigorously anti-Tory, and at the end disillusioned, willing to accept the inevitable and turning against the Rebels who have themselves turned pirates. Nova Scotia, particularly Halifax and Liverpool section; New Brunswick; and the Cumberland section -- these form the chief scanes of conflict. Fascinating reading to anyone to whom details of an unfamiliar phase of the struggle are of interest. But perhaps overladen with minutiae for the average reader who wants faster paced narrative and more romance.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1942
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran