THE SEA LARK by Thomas Helm


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The story of an eight-month Caribbean cruise starts in a calm and builds up to hurricane fury as Tom Helm describes encounters on land and sea in a five-thousand mile Journey which proved to him that his Pearl Harbor injuries were hardly all-encompassing. With an old friend, Ed Booth, he started out from Tampa on an adventure that led to battles with sharks, an octopus, a giant manta and other creatures of the deep, and with such Jungle denizens as Jaguars, peccaries, and fer de Lance. Jose, the Honduran stowaway, becomes an invaluable companion who saves them all from a menacing grass fire, who accompanies them on a hunt in a hat-inhabited Voodoo-cursed cave in Haiti, rumored to hold gold, and helps pull the author out of quicksand when his enthusiasm for capturing an anteater catapults him into the mud. The crew of the Sea Lark are not exempt from sea weather -- they successfully survive a waterspout but are engulfed in the eye of hurricane, escaping their sinking schooner to cling to island palms for their lives. Hair-raising adventure that seems often to be approached in rather hare-brained fashion, this is ""it"" with all stops pulled and should appeal to the sporting-adventure minded male.

Publisher: A. A. Wyn