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THE OLD SOUTH by Thomas J. Wertenbaker



Publisher: Scribner

A study of the root origins of Southern development, in this picture of the wide divergence of groups, interests, nationalities, religions, agriculture, commerce, cultures of the ante-bellum South. A student's approach rather than a book for the average reader, as it is a socialogical-historical interpretation of the play of forces that made the South what it was, and put down the roots of what it has become. The aristocracy, the business man, the agriculturist, the poor farmer, the white trash, the artisans as they are exemplified in their civilizations, their architecture, their westward expansion. The effect the South and its land had upon them, and the influences molding their ways of life, make a wide picture of the Southern Colonial period. Wertenbaker speaks with the authority of a long record of scholarly work.