DEATH AT CHAPPAQUIDDICK by Thomas L. & Richard L. Tedrow


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Chappaquiddickniks, here's the story: Mary Jo and the Senator turned down Dyke Road around 12:45, as attested by reliable Deputy Sheriff Look (either they didn't leave the party at I 1:I 5, as claimed, or they spent the lost hour lolling in the grass, which would account for the stains--indistinguishable from blood--found on her clothes); heavy, encumbered Ted was able to get out of the submerged car--while little Mary Jo wasn't--because the open window on his side acted as an upright escape hatch (""Try it yourself with a model car and you will wonder how all the experts missed it""); as many believe, she must have died of suffocation trying to breathe the air left in the uppermost part of the car, while Kennedy, panicking, failed to get help. These conclusions--which could be ""substantially speaking, the truth""--were reached by reviewing the record, visiting the site, and asking a few questions. The whys and wherefores of the cover-up, the authors acknowledge, are harder to get at; to fill out a sparse account they provide the full transcript of Kennedy's unedifying testimony at the inquest. It's a simple, i.e., unsophisticated book--a pickup truck, in effect, next to Sherrill's snappy Porsche. But if you count the Burns as, say, a Chrysler, that's quite a choice of vehicles.

Pub Date: May 10th, 1976
ISBN: 0882892495
Publisher: Green Hill Publishers (236 Forest Park Place, Ottawa, Illinois)