THE YELLOW CANES by Thomas L. Robertson


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A story of Indian warfare and captivity near Natchez in 1729 centers around young Paul Leveque whose father in a locksmith at the French outpost of Fort Rosslie. At least he is a locksmith until a Natchez attack, spurred by the loss of lands to the French, levels the fort and sees Paul taken captive. During his captivity Paul has good times and bad. The Indians who have taken him are friendly and one of the boys, Little Bear, becomes Paul's friend and teaches him Indian ways. Almost happy with his new existence, Paul begins to forget the hope of ever finding his family, until an intertribal rivalry develops and he becomes the object of a strong chief's hatred. His final and successful escape with the princess Honey Locust is climactic but somewhat unconvincing as Honey Locust too lightly abandons her traditions for Christian ways.

Publisher: Steck