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CHIP OFF MY SHOULDER by Thomas L. Stokes Kirkus Star



Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1940
Publisher: Princeton Univ.

Rumor has it that the Princeton Press has a potential best seller, so we demanded to see it. And we agree. The author won a Pulitzer Prize with his story of the use of the W.P.A. funds in a Kentucky election. He is one of the most brilliant of the reporters on the home battlefields. And here he tells his story, and makes it as good reading as all but a few of the European correspondents, with their more glittering subjects. A brief autobiographical background -- a growing awareness of the problem of the South -- a survey of the administrations of Harding, Coolidge, Hoover and Roosevelt. By nature a hero worshipper, he yet can see his heroes' feet of clay. He makes us share his conviction of our government and our history, not as a succession of episodes, but as a chain of interwoven links. Present conditions are but steps towards further change before democracy can come into its own. Anecdotal, challenging, vital in every phrase, and grand reading. Don't pass it over as just another Only Yesterday. It stands on its own.