ORDER OF THE DAY by Thomas Mann
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Germany's first citizen is an exile, and it does not take many pages of this test to reveal the whys and wherefores. Since 1923,and before, he has been a dominant and fearless voice. His essay, The German Republic, first in this collection, has enough dynamite in it to cause him to be a marked man when Hitler came into power. Some of these essays deal with things of the mind and spirit; not with politics. But they too are warnings. Appeal to Reason is a direct attack on what National Socialism stands for. Some of the pieces have appeared, either in other volumes, as part of collections,or as individual small books (This Peace, This War, The Coming Victory of Democracy.) Essays, speeches, spanning twenty years of thought and action -- this is a memorable collection.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1942
Publisher: Knopf