FACE IN THE ASPIC: Tales of Club Life Among the Over-Fed by Thomas  Mario

FACE IN THE ASPIC: Tales of Club Life Among the Over-Fed

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The original title under which this was reported in September was Caviar Chronicles. The report follows:-""Companion piece to another de luxe item, Snoet if you Must, by Lucius Beebe (P. 420), as this relays with irony and strong saline solution the 'highbred whims and highfed affairs' of the members of the wealthiest club in America. Here are tales of the embarrassment caused by its oldest member, of the centricities of one member driven to economize, the culinary quirks of gourmets and gourmets, the hullaballoo of the first ladies' day, the personalities of the staff, the graft, the problems of meeting the unusual demands of members (not always right), the effect of the war and of rationing. The author, steward of the club, does not make one feel proud of his employers as a class; he presents a tart concoction with prestige appeal, not without sardonic humor, engendered by intimate knowledge of behind-the-scenes' problems, situations and characters. Haut monde for hoi pollci -- that rollicks while sniping."" Definitely a caviar item.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1943
Publisher: Simon & Schuster