KISS ME TWICE by Thomas Maxwell


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The postwar, film noir saga of Lewis Cassidy and his German wife Karin (Kiss Me Once, 1986) continues with the return of an amnesiac Karin--and a mission to strangle a Nazi escape route in North America before it can be used. Lew Cassidy, the football-player-turned-detective, thought his wife was dead, a victim of Allied bombs while trapped with her father in Nazi Germany. Then a summons from Colonel MacMurdo, a dashing American intelligence officer, leads kew to a reunion with scarred but still beautiful Karin. Alas, the injuries sustained in the bombing of Cologne left her an amnesiac, dependent on the drug-dispensing care of Dr. Rolf Moller. Not only does she not remember kew but she seems to be pining for Dr. Moller's brother Manfred, whom she married after Rolf patched her up. Now MacMurdo wants Lew and his partners to find Manfred, who is believed to be in the US, where he plans to set up a Nazi escape route financed by the fabulous gold sculpture of a minotaur that once belonged to King Ludwig. Most miserable for Lew, MacMurdo wants him to use Karin, who still doesn't recognize him, as bait for Manfred Moller. For love of Karin, kew signs on and begins a search that leads to crypto-Nazis on Long Island, a bizarre castle in Maine, and the wilds of Malibu, California. Karin comes along for some of the trip, recalling more and more as she goes. Cassidy's guide at points along the way is, of all people, Walter Winchell. Allen Dulles does a cameo. The wild plot is not too hard to swallow, but the real pleasure, as in the first work, is the rich atmosphere of the late 40's.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1988
Publisher: Mysterious Press--dist. by Ballantine