THE NEW MAN by Thomas Merton


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Out of the silence of the Trappist monastery in Gethsemani, Kentucky continues to come an articulate flow of intelligent, timely books for today's man, speaking more eloquently than any orator could. In the tradition of his many books which followed the Seven Storey Mountain (Seeds of Contemplation, The Silent Life, The Living Bread and Thoughts In Solitude), Thomas Merton, Father M. Louis O.C.S.O., writes for The New Man who in order to find God mist search the depths of his own soul to find himself first. In so doing he can finally discover that he is ready for the love and service of others. Father Louis contends that when a man comes into intimate spiritual contact with God his spirit undergoes a conversion which reorientates the whole being after raising it to a new level. It is only because of blindness, ignorance and fear of risk that this is so rare and often so unknown in the lives of men. The ""new life"", the life of the Spirit, life ""in Christ"" is communicated to the spirit of man by the invisible Mission of the Holy Spirit -- a direct consequence of the Resurrection. It calls man to transcend his present spiritual level, and to reach out for a more abundant life and a fuller knowledge of God. The New Man is a book meant for prolonged meditation on the real purpose of personal existence, and can be considered another excellent addition to a ""Merton library"".

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy