YOUR OWN HOUSE by Thomas P. & Ethel Fay Robinson


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This was a grand idea, but somehow, in my opinion, it falls short in the execution. Perhaps it should have been approached from the point of view of analyzing one's own house, and using that as a springboard to general principles. Instead of which, the whole book follows general principles, with specific applications, and the material -- sound as it is, if your taste happens to click with the Robinson's (mine does, an it is hard to be objective about it), might wholly fail of its object, that of interesting the potential builder who has not yet fallen under the spell. The psychology and philosophy of house planning and decorating, rather than the factual steps of progress. One can count on delightful illustrations which may help make the book more intriguing for the average boy and girl.

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1941
Publisher: Viking