THEN A SOLDIER by Thomas (pseudonym) Dent


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An autobiography of a conscientious objector, written obliquely as though the author had the all-seeing eye and was telling the story of another, at each step in his career. First a childhood in South Africa, sensitive but carefree for the first seven years of life; next his early school days, ""back home"" in England, the butt of his fellows, abnormally self-conscious and introspective; then adolescence, curious about sex, afraid to experiment, exposed to the ruthlessness of boys in school and camp; finally, early manhood, seduction at the hands of an older woman, the challenge of the war and his own anti-war sentiments, imprisonment, disgrace, and a slow emerging from the chrysalis of his early youth. An interesting book, from the psychological angle. Not a book for a wide popular sale unless it should chance to get a book club selection or a lucky press break.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1934
Publisher: John Day