THE SPOIL OF EUROPE by Thomas Reveille


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According to Swing, in the preface, for the ""economic and political layman, the professional teacher, financier and industrialist ... military experts"", this has importance in all their fields. It is, from all available data, the skeletoning of the organization behind the Nazi war machine. Theories, techniques, innerworkings of the system- before and after conquest-, the men and methods that produced the mechanics of action. Underlining, once again, the deliberate tricks, guile, ruses, the ruthless thoroughness that brought about swift subjugation, the author then examines- in detail- Nazification and enslavement. All the angles, financial, agricultural, industrial and cultural are analyzed. He shows how the regulation of exchange is the opening wedge for the ""complete and systemic integration of all facets and sectors of the economic life of the conquered nations"". It is an overwhelming picture for the intelligent student, though there is a heartening conclusion in the appraisal of British Colonial and United States participation.

Pub Date: July 30th, 1941
Publisher: Norton