SQUAWWK! by Thomas Rockwell


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SQUAWWKing its way across the page of Billy's schoolbook, a black blotch comes to life and begins growing into an electric-blue, furniture-eating roc ""as big as Yankee Stadium."" The roc frustrates the efforts of seventh grade teacher Miss Kinnell to turn it into an educational experiment, and when the school bureacracy, a town meeting, the National Guard and the United States Air Force prove successively unable to destroy it, it becomes ""like the Russians or children, just one of those things people have to live with."" Somewhere along the way the roc gets away from the author also and becomes neither joke nor parable nor horror monster but just a blight on the landscape, and the notion which seemed so clever in the first few chapters assumes unmanageable proportions long before Squawwk flies away.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1972
Publisher: Little, Brown