FOREIGN AID: Our Tragic Experiment by Thomas S. Loeber
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FOREIGN AID: Our Tragic Experiment

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From the vantage point of four years' association with the Mutual Security Program (more often known as the International Cooperative Administration-I C A) the author has closely observed and studied the various phases of the operation. His findings are a sorry reflection on the tremendous outpouring of wealth, people and plans that have gone into foreign aid. He began as a firm exponent; he strongly believes that it is not the concept that has failed but the administration. He has been billions wasted, administrators failing to measure up to their responsibility, the demands of their jobs, the opportunities offered for real service to the nation as well as the countries served. He cites as examples particularly Jordan and Korea; he gives in lesser detail, Peru, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. He has seen the wrong pockets filled; the needs untouched; the unintelligent expenditures on status symbols rather than necessities for survival. He confirms, time and again, the charges and implications popularly presented in The Ugly American. He charts a positive program of selection of dedicated men devoted to the purpose of foreign aid, trained as experts in the problems, the language, the people they are to work with. He credits many with ideas but few with the fortitude to sustain them. An important and challenging book.

Publisher: Norton