A TRUST IN CHARIOTS by Thomas Savage


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A story in three parts follows a man and a boy, both derelicts in a world which did not give them too much of a break, and their chance encounter- at the end-as one is running away from life, and the other toward the ""Dream"" he is determined to fulfill. In Boston Sheldon, leading a lonely existence in a furnished room, afraid of losing his job, and more than a little maimed by a crippled leg, finally finds a girl to share his life, Marianne, only to learn that though she is indifferent- sexually- to him, she is available to other men. While in Chicago Pal grows up in poverty trying to spare his kid sister Janie the knowledge of their father's death (in an attempted robbery), easing things for her, until- at their mother's death- he is unable to make a living for her and he goes on the road. Pal is picked up by Sheldon who has left his wife and bought the old Rolls Royce (his ""dream"" - before Marianne) which nullifies his failure, his humiliation. Hoping for some sort of permanent companionship with the boy, and comfort, Sheldon makes the sacrifice which returns Pal to Janie in time.... A story which like the earlier A Bargain With God has a definite warmth of heart and breadth of faith to give a regenerative lift to ordinary lives which might otherwise seemed doomed to defeat.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1961
Publisher: Random House