NEIGHBORS OF THE EARTH by Thorton & Lou Williams- Eds. Page


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Would you like to find out whether those canals on Mars are actually made by Little Men? Or would you rather pursue other, more esoteric, subjects relating to planets, comets and spatial debris-- such as High-Level Storms on Jupiter. The Moon as a Source of Tektites, Earth'.s Hydrogen Corona, etc. As these titles indicate, this book is not a popular introduction to astronomy, It's basically a collection of old articles from the magazine Sky and Telescope and while catering to the amateur astronomer, the style is semi-technical. Some of the authors are very famous indeed-- e.g. stellar theoreticians Fred Whipple and Otto Struve. All in all, it has points of interest for the more sophisticated stargazer. But the book is hardly a model of modern speculation since some of the articles are 34 years old.

Publisher: Macmillan