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FLASH CRASH by Denison Hatch
Released: April 13, 2016

"A thriller that's a little too convoluted for its own good but succeeds at updating the Masters of the Universe mindset to the present."
In Hatch's debut novel, a Wall Street worker becomes the victim of an extortion scheme that ultimately forces him to confront his past. Read full book review >
STRIKE by Delilah S. Dawson
Released: April 12, 2016

"Avoiding the 'middle book' syndrome of many series, this sequel is sure to be a hit with previous fans. (Thriller. 14 & up)"
The assigned kills from Hit (2015) may be over, but the danger still intensifies in this capitalist dystopia.Read full book review >

SUNSET CITY by Melissa Ginsburg
Released: April 12, 2016

"Despite some wistful passages about grief that showcase Ginsburg's background as a poet, Charlotte's story falls flat."
A young woman reconnects with her oldest but most troubled friend only to become swept up in the investigation of her brutal murder. Read full book review >
CLOSE YOUR EYES by Michael Robotham
Released: April 12, 2016

"Robotham's crime thrillers are at the top of the genre's food chain."
Beleaguered clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin's back as Robotham pits the brilliant, battered, and world-weary shrink against a killer who's not above stalking Joe's own family. Read full book review >
POISONOUS by Allison Brennan
Released: April 12, 2016

"This novel, aptly named, won't win Brennan new fans but will doubtless please established ones."
Brennan (No Good Deed, 2015, etc.) trots out her newest character, muckraking investigative reporter Maxine "Max" Revere, who's back in California to solve another crime.Read full book review >

MOST WANTED by Lisa Scottoline
Released: April 12, 2016

"The fairy-tale ending calls for some convenient coincidences and changes of heart, but Scottoline's legion of fans will be too relieved to object."
A Connecticut teacher's long-sought and hard-fought pregnancy turns into a nightmare when Scottoline (Corrupted, 2015, etc.) unleashes one of her irresistible hooks on her. Read full book review >
Soledad by D.L. Young
Released: April 10, 2016

"Many readers have seen this dusty, bleak future before, but a poignant journey with a tenacious protagonist exudes freshness."
In this dystopian thriller, a woman traverses a barren, treacherous wasteland in search of the only man with answers to her parents' fate. Read full book review >
Girl on the Run by Daryl Wood Gerber
Released: April 9, 2016

"Readers will be shocked by this exciting, fast-paced thriller's twists and turns."
Gerber (Fudging the Books, 2015, etc.) offers a dark suspense novel filled with desperation and cat-and-mouse games.Read full book review >
THE 14TH COLONY by Steve Berry
Released: April 5, 2016

"Longer than it needs to be but Berry gunfights his way entertainingly enough to the save-the-world conclusion of this formulaic yarn."
Cotton Malone of the Magellan Billet, the Justice Department's elite intelligence group, once again yanks the U.S. back from the precipice of annihilation. Read full book review >
FAMILY JEWELS by Stuart Woods
Released: April 5, 2016

"A low-stakes, low-octane thriller that seems to have been cobbled together entirely from dead ends."
Between rounds of international intrigue and blood feuds (Scandalous Behavior, 2016, etc.), even superheroes need a little down time, and Woods provides some for New York cop-turned-attorney-turned-world's policeman Stone Barrington in his latest outing.Read full book review >
THE GIRL FROM HOME by Adam Mitzner
Released: April 5, 2016

"An engrossing little gem that starts slow and gets better."
A Wall Streeter on the way up digs himself a huge hole in attorney Mitzner's (Losing Faith, 2015, etc.) latest offering.Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2016

"Read it for the characters, but don't expect much from the mystery/thriller."
In Preston's debut novel, a tough, wounded woman discovers that in helping others, she can also help herself make peace with great family loss. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Emma Straub
May 30, 2016

In Emma Straub’s new novel Modern Lovers, friends and former college bandmates Elizabeth and Andrew and Zoe have watched one another marry, buy real estate, and start businesses and families, all while trying to hold on to the identities of their youth. But nothing ages them like having to suddenly pass the torch (of sexuality, independence, and the ineffable alchemy of cool) to their own offspring. Back in the band’s heyday, Elizabeth put on a snarl over her Midwestern smile, Andrew let his unwashed hair grow past his chin, and Zoe was the lesbian all the straight women wanted to sleep with. Now nearing fifty, they all live within shouting distance in the same neighborhood deep in gentrified Brooklyn, and the trappings of the adult world seem to have arrived with ease. But the summer that their children reach maturity (and start sleeping together), the fabric of the adult lives suddenly begins to unravel, and the secrets and revelations that are finally let loose—about themselves, and about the famous fourth band member who soared and fell without them—can never be reclaimed. “Straub’s characters are a quirky and interesting bunch, well aware of their own good fortune, and it’s a pleasure spending time with them in leafy Ditmas Park,” our reviewer writes in a starred review. View video >