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Released: Jan. 13, 2015

"A top-notch psychological thriller."
In Hoag's (The 9th Girl, 2013, etc.) latest, talented young newscaster Dana Nolan is left to navigate a psychological maze after escaping a serial killer.Read full book review >
SECOND LIFE by Paul Griner
Released: Jan. 13, 2015

"A near miss about the secret underground of body brokers."
A woman who knows far more than most about what lies beyond death must use her specific skill set to recover the body of a childhood friend. Read full book review >

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins
Released: Jan. 13, 2015

"Even the most astute readers will be in for a shock as Hawkins slowly unspools the facts, exposing the harsh realities of love and obsession's inescapable links to violence."
Desperate to find lives more fulfilling than her own, a lonely London commuter imagines the story of a couple she's only glimpsed through the train window in Hawkins' chilling, assured debut, in which the line between truth and lie constantly shifts like the rocking of a train. Read full book review >
THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Elisabeth de Mariaffi
Released: Jan. 13, 2015

"With so many thrillers cheaply exploiting violence against girls and women, de Mariaffi's (How to Get Along With Women, 2012) treatment of the topic, through Evie's vulnerable yet empowered voice, is refreshingly reverent."
In Canadian writer de Mariaffi's debut mystery, a 1982 abduction and murder teaches girls growing up in Toronto how to be afraid. Read full book review >
BONITA AVENUE by Peter Buwalda
Released: Jan. 13, 2015

"His strength are sustained scenes that will linger in memory after other parts of the brain have given up on fitting together the pieces of this puzzler."
A family saga that is variously compelling, trashy and horrific, this debut has rough edges and plausibility problems—not unlike the Stieg Larsson trilogy—and movie written all over it. Read full book review >

THE CARRIER by Sophie Hannah
Released: Jan. 13, 2015

"Fans will love the endlessly knotty complications; those unable to commit their full attention to the problem at hand may well quit in exhaustion before the denouement."
The smothering of a supremely unlikable woman provokes a conspiracy, a false confession, a hysterical outburst and round upon round of sifting through the evidence by DC Simon Waterhouse and his wife, DS Charlie Zailer (Kind of Cruel, 2013, etc.).Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 12, 2015

"A great case made for the idea that the end isn't nigh—it's already here."
A pandemic helps humanity destroy itself in this wry apocalyptic thriller. Read full book review >
BRED TO KILL by Frank Thilliez
Released: Jan. 8, 2015

"French author Thilliez's follow-up to his international hit Syndrome E is nearly as good, leaving us eager to have the rest of his efforts released in the U.S."
Paris-based Inspector Sharko and Lille police detective Lucie Henebelle, both shadows of their former selves following the abduction of the latter's twin daughters at the end of Syndrome E (2012), reunite to investigate a bizarre series of genetically engineered murders.Read full book review >
THE RECKONING by James Patrick Hunt
Released: Jan. 7, 2015

"Apart from Javier and his cartel, a surprisingly close remake of The Desperate Hours—Humphrey Bogart and Robert Middleton would be perfect as Richard and Amos, and Lee is the spitting image of Fredric March—that makes up in tension what it lacks in surprise."
Three escaped convicts take a Tulsa family hostage in this thriller from Hunt (The Detective, 2014, etc.).Read full book review >
THE GUARD by Peter Terrin
Released: Jan. 6, 2015

"A spare, dystopian comedy that doesn't bring quite enough funny to satisfy nor enough detail to terrify."
Science fiction meets Samuel Beckett in this Godot-like tale of two security guards nervously biding their time in the basement of a wealthy apartment complex. Read full book review >
WHITE PLAGUE by James Abel
Released: Jan. 6, 2015

"Joe Rush makes a strong debut against dangerous odds in the Arctic, and so does Abel."
A triple dose of trouble awaits bioterror expert Joe Rush in the remote reaches of the Arctic Ocean: A U.S. submarine with superadvanced weapons is in flames, the sailors who haven't been killed yet by a mysterious agent will die if they're not treated soon, and a Chinese sub is fast approaching. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 6, 2015

"Worth a try for fans of the genre, but start with Book 1, Journey into the Flame."
The unexciting middle installment in the author's Rising World trilogy. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Pierce Brown
author of GOLDEN SON
February 17, 2015

With shades of The Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, and Game of Thrones, Pierce Brown’s genre-defying Red Rising hit the ground running. The sequel, Golden Son, continues the saga of Darrow, a rebel battling to lead his oppressed people to freedom. As a Red, Darrow grew up working the mines deep beneath the surface of Mars, enduring backbreaking labor while dreaming of the better future he was building for his descendants. But the Society he faithfully served was built on lies. Darrow’s kind have been betrayed and denied by their elitist masters, the Golds—and their only path to liberation is revolution. “Stirring—and archetypal—stuff,” our reviewer writes. View video >