Thrillers Book Reviews (page 6)

Color of Blood by Keith Yocum
Released: June 21, 2016

"A scary, smart, sweet, sexy CIA tale."
Returning to work after his wife's death, a CIA investigator leaves on assignment for Australia, where he encounters danger, romance, and, unexpectedly, poetry. Read full book review >
Artifice by Mark Eugene Dall
Released: June 20, 2016

"The romance becomes off-putting, but the remainder of this art-world thriller zings."
A lost painting attributed to Rembrandt resurfaces, sparking a pursuit by rich collectors, criminals, and the rightful heir. Read full book review >

Amanojaku by Damien Lutz
Released: June 18, 2016

"A multilayered protagonist and stellar setting help guide this sci-fi narrative to an unforgettable coda."
In 2040, a former convict with an implant to stave off violent impulses finds himself in the midst of a plan to take down a corporate empire in Lutz's (Book Hunter, 2015, etc.) sci-fi thriller.Read full book review >
The Conveyance by Brian Matthews
Released: June 17, 2016

"An unsettling tale that downplays its sci-fi elements to great effect."
In Matthews' (Revelation, 2015, etc.) sci-fi-tinged thriller, a string of bizarre events leads a psychologist to an alarming secret that he may not live long enough to expose.Read full book review >
Seasons of Heaven by Nicolas Augusto
Released: June 16, 2016

"A supernatural tale that falls flat due to confusing plot developments and saccharine characterization."
Augusto's debut novel tells a complex tale of suffering, bravery, and the bonds between the living and the dead. Read full book review >

Released: June 14, 2016

"Reid's tightly crafted tale toys with the nature of identity and comes by its terror honestly, building a wall of intricately layered psychological torment so impenetrable it's impossible to escape."
A road trip in a snowstorm takes a sinister turn for a man and his girlfriend, the novel's unnamed narrator. Read full book review >
STILETTO by Daniel O'Malley
Released: June 14, 2016

"A craftily imaginative mashup of spies and the supernatural, but it's a tad too long for all but the most ardent fans."
The Brotherhood of the Checquy, England's "secret government organization that employed the supernatural to protect the populace from the supernatural," believes it's time to form an alliance with the Wetenschappeljik Broederschap van Natuurkundigen, known as the Grafters.Read full book review >
THE CROW GIRL by Erik Axl Sund
Released: June 14, 2016

"A smart, rewarding psychological thriller, with an emphasis on both of those genre terms."
"How sick can a person get?" So, rightly, wonders a character toward the end of Sweden's newest entry in the race to claim Stieg Larsson's throne. Read full book review >
Released: June 14, 2016

"Action-adventure addicts will get their fixes."
If you're Jack Ryan Jr., the U.S. president's son, you shouldn't waive Secret Service protection, especially if your job at Hendley Associates, a private CIA clone known as "The Campus," makes for double threat exposure. Read full book review >
MARKED FOR LIFE by Emelie Schepp
Released: June 14, 2016

"An intriguing if bumpy start to a new series; the challenging, multilayered heroine makes it worth the read."
The murder of a local official in charge of asylum issues sparks the resurgence of long-buried memories for the prosecutor on the case. Read full book review >
Chasing Symmetry by Tempeste Blake
Released: June 14, 2016

"A murder mystery fueled by melodrama and a vibrant cast of characters."
In Blake's debut thriller, an art teacher is suspected of murder as she tries to avoid becoming the real killer's next victim. Read full book review >
LIBERTY'S LAST STAND by Stephen Coonts
Released: June 13, 2016

"This bilge is a middle finger in the face of most Americans, but if you happen to think Barry Soetorobama is the devil incarnate, then by all means buy it. The government knows where you live, though, so keep that AR-15 loaded and by your nightstand."
An action-packed thriller and political rant featuring series standbys Jake Grafton and Tommy Carmellini. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Andrea Beaty
August 30, 2016

In Andrea Beaty and David Roberts’ new picture book Ada Twist, Scientist is like her classmates, builder Iggy and inventor Rosie: scientist Ada, a character of color, has a boundless imagination and has always been hopelessly curious. Why are there pointy things stuck to a rose? Why are there hairs growing inside your nose? When her house fills with a horrific, toe-curling smell, Ada knows it’s up to her to find the source. Not afraid of failure, she embarks on a fact-finding mission and conducts scientific experiments, all in the name of discovery. But this time, her experiments lead to even more stink and get her into trouble! Inspired by real-life makers such as Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie, Ada Twist, Scientist champions girl power and women scientists, and brings welcome diversity to picture books about girls in science. “Cool and stylish,” our reviewer writes. View video >