Thrillers Book Reviews (page 6)

THE KING OF FEAR by Drew Chapman
Released: Feb. 16, 2016

"Chapman again delivers a crisp thriller, tapping themes of our times that daily news has made commonplace. And once again he has left it open-ended, teasing us in anticipation of the next novel in series."
Terrorism, economic warfare, and "too big to fail" banks lend this thriller a sense of urgency. Read full book review >
The Secondary Target by Diane Lynn
Released: Feb. 15, 2016

"Some tenacious police work, but the characterizations remain stale."
As a divorce attorney recovers from a brutal attack, an investigation reveals further complications in this romantic mystery/thriller. Read full book review >

B.U.G. by T.J. Slee
Released: Feb. 13, 2016

"An auspicious introduction to an unconventional new character in the spy game."
A Kurdish traffic cop hiding out in Australia may be the key to finding a long-missing Delta Force soldier in this thriller that introduces Australian Security Service officer Charlie Jones. Read full book review >
VIOLENT CRIMES by Phillip Margolin
Released: Feb. 9, 2016

"This last problem may sound like a thorny ethical dilemma, but it's just as weightless as every other complication in this fleet, guileless, inch-deep yarn, a tale guaranteed to get you to bed in plenty of time and leave your dreams untroubled."
What the title promises is exactly what Margolin (Worthy Brown's Daughter, 2014, etc.) delivers: another torrent of violent crimes for Oregon defense attorney Amanda Jaffe.Read full book review >
FIND HER by Lisa Gardner
Released: Feb. 9, 2016

"A gritty, complicated heroine like Flora Dane deserves a better plot than this needlessly complicated story."
A kidnapping survivor-turned-vigilante tries to save another young woman while the police do everything they can to save them both. Read full book review >

Transformed: San Francisco by Suzanne Falter
Released: Feb. 9, 2016

"An amusing, sexually inclusive novel about joining forces to save a metropolis.
Falter (How Much Joy Can You Stand?, 2014, etc.) and Harvey introduce an unlikely couple of crime fighters in this San Francisco-based thriller.Read full book review >
NIGHT ROAD by Brendan DuBois
Released: Feb. 8, 2016

"A bonus: just when you think you know exactly how this mishmash will turn out, DuBois throws in a pleasing final surprise that will make you forgive the soft-boiled ending."
A truck laden with suspicious and perhaps dangerous cargo is crossing from Canada to the U.S., and everyone on either side of the border wants a piece of the action. Read full book review >
The Pit by L.A. Barnes
Released: Feb. 4, 2016

"An intoxicating variant of the afterlife through the eyes of auspicious characters."
Hell is split into two factions, with one side searching for redemption while both recruit the Newly Dead for an inevitable war in this debut supernatural thriller. Read full book review >
THE CELLAR by Minette Walters
Released: Feb. 2, 2016

"Sly pacing and a detached narrative voice give this horror story exceptional punch."
This short work reads like a recipe for evil and may well induce a nightmare or two. Read full book review >
THE GOD'S EYE VIEW by Barry Eisler
Released: Feb. 2, 2016

"An engaging tale about a serious issue. Read it and squirm."
A timely thriller that will make readers wonder how much the government really knows about them. Read full book review >
KEEP CALM by Mike Binder
Released: Feb. 2, 2016

"It's one thing for thrills to come cheap, but they needn't be so unimaginative or so lacking in finesse."
An American ex-cop is suckered into a plot to overthrow the British prime minister in this debut thriller by the director/writer. Read full book review >
SAVING JASON by Michael Sears
Released: Feb. 2, 2016

"You don't need a background in economics to get drawn into this thriller, but it probably helps."
Sophisticated sleuth Jason Stafford gets drawn into a mysterious corporate takeover plot in Sears' (Long Way Down, 2015, etc.) latest high-finance thriller.Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Frances Stroh
author of BEER MONEY
May 3, 2016

Frances Stroh’s earliest memories are ones of great privilege: shopping trips to London and New York, lunches served by black-tied waiters at the Regency Hotel, and a house filled with precious antiques, which she was forbidden to touch. Established in Detroit in 1850, by 1984 the Stroh Brewing Company had become the largest private beer fortune in America and a brand emblematic of the American dream itself; while Stroh was coming of age, the Stroh family fortune was estimated to be worth $700 million. But behind the beautiful façade lay a crumbling foundation. As their fortune dissolved in little over a decade, the family was torn apart internally by divorce and one family member's drug bust; disagreements over the management of the business; and disputes over the remaining money they possessed. “The author’s family might have successfully burned through a massive fortune, but they squandered a lot more than that,” our reviewer writes about Stroh’s debut memoir, Beer Money. “A sorrowful, eye-opening examination of familial dysfunction.” View video >