Thrillers Book Reviews (page 7)

FALSE GUILT by Peter Fritze
Released: Feb. 1, 2015

"Impressive execution and admirable in its open defiance of traditional murder mysteries."
In Fritze's (The Case for Killing, 2014) thriller, a colleague's death stirs up old memories for a man who years ago had been arrested for a friend's murder. Read full book review >
The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths by Harry Bingham
Released: Jan. 29, 2015

"The simple plot is merely a foundation for intriguing characters who provide the real experience."
In Bingham's (Love Story, With Murders, 2014, etc.) latest thriller, South Wales DC Fiona Griffiths' third outing finds her undercover trying to expose a group committing computer fraud and leaving bodies in its wake. Read full book review >

THE KHAZAR CODEX by Graham Fulbright
Released: Jan. 28, 2015

"A complex, out-of-the-ordinary thriller loaded with worldly characters."
Fulbright's (The Man with a Charmed Life, 2014) novel details a hostage situation and the mysterious information it uncovers. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 27, 2015

"Connoisseurs of domestic suspense will finish this book in a few breathless sittings, then wait eagerly for Ellison's next trick."
A California mom with a son in a coma has a libertine past that's come back to haunt her. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 27, 2015

"An eloquent literary dissection of the divide between the United States and Mexico."
Vaillant's debut fiction follows Hector Lazaro from Mexico's Sierra Juárez to Oaxaca's el Centro to an old tanker truck poised to sneak into El Norte, the promised land.Read full book review >

WOLF WINTER by Cecilia Ekbäck
Released: Jan. 27, 2015

"This snapshot of life in a place where winter can be unspeakably cruel, where simply staying alive is a victory, proves irresistible."
Ekbäck takes readers on a journey to Swedish Lapland in 1717, a harsh and unforgiving place where the supernatural bleeds over into the difficult lives of the few settlers trying to make it through a hardscrabble winter. Read full book review >
RISKING IT ALL by Tessa Bailey
Released: Jan. 27, 2015

"This intense, erotic romance pairs brisk action with well-developed characters."
An undercover policewoman falls for the criminal assigned to protect her in a taut romantic thriller by author Bailey (Staking His Claim, 2014, etc.). Read full book review >
THE GREAT ZOO OF CHINA by Matthew Reilly
Released: Jan. 27, 2015

"This is Jurassic Park retold, without enough of a twist to make the retelling seem necessary."
Dragons, crocodiles and Communist Party bureaucrats abound in Reilly's (Scarecrow Returns, 2012, etc.) latest thriller.Read full book review >
Betrayal by Blood and Demons by Ian McBride
Released: Jan. 27, 2015

"An admirable but too-squeaky-clean protagonist in a story that capably manages its contentious subject matter."
In first-time novelist McBride's dramatic thriller, a successful businessman is shocked when his troubled teenage son accuses him of molestation. Read full book review >
SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF DUST by Scott Michael Bowers
Released: Jan. 26, 2015

"A riveting story about a man whose self-discovery will end violently or with a woman who loves him."
Three friends' annual Panama City Beach, Florida, getaway turns into a violent quest for vengeance in Bowers' debut thriller. Read full book review >
THE OPAL DRAGON by James A. Calderwood
Released: Jan. 23, 2015

"Fascinating if overloaded."
In this thriller sequel, the son of a Filipina prostitute becomes a kingpin in Australia's opal underworld, where he deals with a truly monstrous find. Read full book review >
GLOW by Ned Beauman
Released: Jan. 20, 2015

"A respectable effort to play with the thriller form that gets bogged down by those very same thriller mechanics."
A new club drug tangles a scenester in a global conspiracy in this quirky tale of love and corporate overreach. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Luis Alberto Urrea
April 21, 2015

Examining the borders between one nation and another, between one person and another, Luis Alberto Urrea’s latest story collection, The Water Museum, reveals his mastery of the short form. This collection includes the Edgar-award winning "Amapola" and his now-classic "Bid Farewell to Her Many Horses," which had the honor of being chosen for NPR's "Selected Shorts" not once but twice. Urrea has also recently published a poetry collection, Tijuana Book of the Dead, mixing lyricism and colloquial voices, mysticism and the daily grind. We talk to Urrea about both of his new books this week on Kirkus TV. View video >