Thrillers Book Reviews

Transformed: San Francisco by Suzanne Falter
Released: Feb. 9, 2016

"An amusing, sexually inclusive novel about joining forces to save a metropolis.
Falter (How Much Joy Can You Stand?, 2014, etc.) and Harvey introduce an unlikely couple of crime fighters in this San Francisco-based thriller.Read full book review >
TRY NOT TO BREATHE by Holly Seddon
Released: Feb. 16, 2016

"Great plotting, but the author's oddball imagery proves distracting."
Two unlikely friends—a woman left unresponsive by an attack when she was a teen and a divorced alcoholic—intersect in Seddon's psychological thriller. Read full book review >

Released: Feb. 16, 2016

"Shrewdly commercial and seamed with some memorable descriptions of the polar wilds, Lupton's latest, though unsteady at times, delivers an engrossing wallop of readable escapism."
Can an intrepid mother and her plucky deaf daughter survive a perilous ride across a midnight polar landscape to find the missing-presumed-dead third member of their family? Read full book review >
THE KING OF FEAR by Drew Chapman
Released: Feb. 16, 2016

"Chapman again delivers a crisp thriller, tapping themes of our times that daily news has made commonplace. And once again he has left it open-ended, teasing us in anticipation of the next novel in series."
Terrorism, economic warfare, and "too big to fail" banks lend this thriller a sense of urgency. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 23, 2016

"Bjørk constructs a plot like a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces, and somehow it all works."
Children stolen and dressed like dolls before they're murdered bring suicidal detective Mia Kruger out of hiding and back to police work in Bjørk's complicated, yet compelling, tale. Read full book review >

Released: March 1, 2016

"Lutz provides some great suggestions for going on the lam (a lot of hair dye and car switching is involved), but at its core, this is a novel about identity: a slippery notion which depends upon both how the world sees us and how we see ourselves."
With her latest books, Lutz is deep in thriller territory, and she writes like she's happy to be there. Read full book review >
Released: March 8, 2016

"Even though you just know Box isn't going to put an end to his highly successful franchise by blowing his lead characters to kingdom come, you can't help turning the pages and holding your breath until you find out where this scary, all-too-plausible caravan is heading."
Terrorists, libertarians, and wild cards duke it out in game warden Joe Pickett's Wyoming. Read full book review >
THE STEEL KISS by Jeffery Deaver
Released: March 8, 2016

"Fans savvy enough to ignore the ill-advised extras and keep their eyes on the duel between Rhyme and Unsub 40 will be treated to all the usual thrills, which are worth every breathless minute."
The latest of Lincoln Rhyme's fiendishly inventive antagonists is a killer who rails against rampant consumerism online, then hacks into the Internet of Things to murder New Yorkers who've grown too attached to their computer-driven toys. Read full book review >
THE GIRL ON THE RUN by Gregg Olsen
Released: March 15, 2016

"Without dropping a beat, the story ends in a crescendo of danger and turmoil and paves the way for the vigilante teen to take on more criminals in subsequent books. (Thriller. 14 & up)"
Bestselling true-crime writer Olsen takes a successful stab at thriller writing for teens. Read full book review >
TWISTED RIVER by Siobhán MacDonald
Released: March 22, 2016

"A vacation studded with dark revelations that readers will relish."
Two families trade homes for the vacation of a lifetime, but there's grim baggage to unpack in this tricky debut thriller. Read full book review >
FAR FROM TRUE by Linwood Barclay
Released: March 22, 2016

"Barclay's sequel to Broken Promise (2015)—the third book in the series will reveal why the number 23 turns up in all kinds of bad situations here—trades in thrills for black humor. But it's a crowd-pleaser nonetheless from one of the most reliable craftsmen in crime fiction."
During the local drive-in's last-ever triple feature, a mysterious explosion topples the screen, killing four people. It's not the only bizarre incident shaking up the New York town of Promise Falls, a popular suicide spot where all lives seem at risk. Read full book review >
THE SEARCHER by Christopher Morgan Jones
Released: March 22, 2016

"Suspenseful from start to finish, with plenty of regional color informing the narrative, Jones' third spy thriller is a flawless piece of storytelling."
When his estranged friend and fellow corporate spy for hire Ben Webster disappears in the republic of Georgia, Ike Hammer puts his life at risk searching for him in the treacherous mountains bordering Russia. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Michael Eric Dyson
February 2, 2016

In Michael Eric Dyson’s rich and nuanced book new book, The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America, Dyson writes with passion and understanding about Barack Obama’s “sad and disappointing” performance regarding race and black concerns in his two terms in office. While race has defined his tenure, Obama has been “reluctant to take charge” and speak out candidly about the nation’s racial woes, determined to remain “not a black leader but a leader who is black.” Dyson cogently examines Obama’s speeches and statements on race, from his first presidential campaign through recent events—e.g., the Ferguson riots and the eulogy for the Rev. Clementa Pinckney in Charleston—noting that the president is careful not to raise the ire of whites and often chastises blacks for their moral failings. At his best, he spoke with “special urgency for black Americans” during the Ferguson crisis and was “at his blackest,” breaking free of constraints, in his “Amazing Grace” Charleston eulogy. Dyson writes here as a realistic, sometimes-angry supporter of the president. View video >