The Apology by Eric Haggman
Released: May 20, 2016

"An impressive novel, brimming with action and history, with a lead character that has enough swagger for future adventures."
A filmmaker comes to terms with his past in Southeast Asia while battling denizens of the criminal underworld in this debut political thriller. Read full book review >
THE OLD MAN by Thomas Perry
Released: Jan. 3, 2017

"Swift, unsentimental, and deeply satisfying. Liam Neeson would be perfect in the title role."
Perry (Forty Thieves, 2016, etc.) drives deep into Jack Reacher territory in this stand-alone about a long-ago Army intelligence officer whose less-than-grateful nation just won't let him be. Read full book review >

The Ludolf Papers by C.K. Carlson
Released: April 22, 2016

"A vividly rendered, meticulously researched, and often engrossing read for war buffs and historical suspense fans."
Conspiracy, espionage, and historical suspense prove a heady combination in this debut thriller about Nazi war crimes and big pharma. Read full book review >
The Obeahman's Dagger by Neil Daniel
Released: July 14, 2015

"Dynamic characters and ambiance help this tale showcase Trinidadian culture."
In this debut thriller, a journalist follows leads the police ignore to learn the fate of women who have vanished during the Trinidadian Carnival. Read full book review >
The Gambit by Bradley Carlson

"A briskly paced thriller that deftly imagines a nightmare scenario."
A debut political thriller that pits Israeli and U.S. military forces against an Iranian government on the verge of obtaining a nuclear weapon. Read full book review >

VERITAS: The Pharmacological Endgame by Alessandro Boccaletti
Released: Sept. 4, 2016

"An appealing tale of conspiracy and murder, occasionally interrupted by excessive particulars."
Australian scientists develop of a vaccine to eradicate obesity, which ignites a swift and ultimately lethal response from an international pharmaceutical organization in Boccaletti's (Big, Fat American Lion Book, 2016) thriller.Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"Minier (The Circle, 2015, etc.) builds suspense with tantalizing teaspoons of menace and a narrative crafted with believable immediacy. Both protagonists confront their nemeses with a determination that should hook readers and keep them hooked."
In a frigid forest on the border between Poland and Belarus, fever dreams assail Martin Servaz as he struggles to get to safety. Read full book review >

"A tale of an amateur detective who's bright and riveting even when he makes mistakes."
A teenager with aspirations to be a police officer looks into the case of a missing woman in the latest, prequel installment of Greyson's (Pure of Heart, 2015, etc.) thriller series.Read full book review >
KILL THE NEXT ONE by Federico  Axat
Released: Dec. 13, 2016

"Fans of alternative reality tales will probably stay the course; other readers may not."
Carrying out a canny plan to kill two victims plunges a man into a world in which events and characters, including his own, change like visions in a haunted kaleidoscope. Read full book review >
Weighing the Truth by Christine Z. Mason

"An insightful exploration of love and loss that will have suspense fans turning pages until the very end."
Mason (Boundaries: A Love Story, 2013, etc.) offers an emotionally supercharged domestic thriller.Read full book review >
Debts Are Always Due by Colin Welles

"A verbose continental adventure, but one with menace, intrigue, and a few pleasant surprises."
An American businessman tries to save his ex-lover from European criminals in Welles' debut thriller. Read full book review >
Four Equations by Robert Landori
Released: March 15, 2016

"An exciting, if excessively labyrinthine, tale of white-collar theft and historical tyranny."
A financial thriller that details a fraud that connects back to the Nazis' persecution of Jews. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Melissa Sweet
author of SOME WRITER!
September 26, 2016

“SOME PIG,” Charlotte the spider’s praise for Wilbur, is just one fondly remembered snippet from E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. In Some Writer!, two-time Caldecott Honor winner and 2014 Kirkus Prize finalist Melissa Sweet mixes White’s personal letters, photos, and family ephemera with her own exquisite artwork to tell his story, from his birth in 1899 to his death in 1985. Budding young writers will be fascinated and inspired by the journalist, New Yorker contributor, and children’s book author who loved words his whole life. This authorized tribute is the first fully illustrated biography of E. B. White and includes an afterword by Martha White, E. B. White's granddaughter. “Like Charlotte, Sweet spins a terrific story,” our reviewer writes in a starred review. “A masterful biography that will enchant young readers.” View video >