Released: Dec. 2, 2014

"A frantic but never confusing story enhanced by its characters and tantalizing religious theme.
In Brooks' (Deadly Faux, 2013, etc.) latest thriller, a widower's unpublished apocalyptic novel may actually have prophesied the end of times.Read full book review >
DEADLY FAUX by Larry Brooks
Released: Oct. 8, 2013

"Filled with enough twists to make a roulette wheel dizzy."
In Brooks' (Pressure Points, 2013, etc.) thriller, Wolfgang Schmitt's latest undercover gig for the FBI puts him at a Las Vegas hotel-casino to bring down mobsters. Read full book review >

THE OPAL DRAGON by James A. Calderwood
Released: Jan. 23, 2015

"Fascinating if overloaded."
In this thriller sequel, the son of a Filipina prostitute becomes a kingpin in Australia's opal underworld, where he deals with a truly monstrous find. Read full book review >
FREEDOM'S TREE by Kenneth Lippincott
Released: Dec. 12, 2014

"Promotes concepts aimed at Christian readers, but it's first and foremost a thriller that will reel in genre fans."
Folks looking to settle in a Colorado community are made to feel unwelcome by a batch of unruly—and often dangerous—locals in Lippincott's Christian thriller debut. Read full book review >
IN SEARCH OF FATE by Anthony De Benedict
Released: Feb. 27, 2015

"An unusual thriller that's more thoughtful than suspenseful."
In De Benedict's debut novel, a brilliant executive faces a crisis of faith and morality that will affect the entire human race. Read full book review >

Released: May 28, 2015

"A riveting page-turner whose author is a worthy heir to the late Robert B. Parker."
In Culver's (Nine Years Gone, 2014, etc.) latest police thriller, a woman is killing the people who sent her husband to death row, and police detective Ash Rashid must stop her. Read full book review >
GHOST FLEET by P.W. Singer
Released: June 30, 2015

"Overall not a bad read, but it probably won't keep readers up late—at least not without a few stim tabs."
A speculative thriller that imagines the next world war. Read full book review >
A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS by Paul Tremblay
Released: June 2, 2015

"Tremblay expertly ratchets up the suspense until the tension is almost at its breaking point."
When a teenager exhibits early signs of schizophrenia, her parents turn not to traditional psychiatry but to a Catholic priest determined to drive out demons and a sleazy reality TV show eager to get the whole fiasco on tape. Read full book review >
HOUSE RIVALS by Mike Lawson
Released: July 7, 2015

"After DeMarco's unwontedly personal stake in finding his father's murderer (House Reckoning, 2014), it's nice to see him go up against some fixers as impersonal as him. Everything here, from the hard-case characters to the headlong pace, is professional-grade."
D.C. fixer Joe DeMarco, posted to the wilds of North Dakota, schemes to avenge the death of a young woman he was sent there to protect. Read full book review >
THE KHAZAR CODEX by Graham Fulbright
Released: Jan. 28, 2015

"A complex, out-of-the-ordinary thriller loaded with worldly characters."
Fulbright's (The Man with a Charmed Life, 2014) novel details a hostage situation and the mysterious information it uncovers. Read full book review >
PALACE OF TREASON by Jason Matthews
Released: June 2, 2015

"Although Matthews' technique of using food as a running theme (complete with recipes) doesn't always work, this is another must-read for fans of the spy genre."
A sexy Russian spy trained in the fine art of seduction and recruited as an American double agent helps set up a double-cross that could pit Russia against Iran in this blockbuster by former CIA operative Matthews. Read full book review >
Released: July 7, 2015

"A strained historical crime yarn whose central gumshoe is much too flat-footed."
Shanghai between the world wars provides the backdrop for a photographer embroiled in an underworld of gangsters, gunrunners, Communist insurgents, and two bewitching women. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Fatima Bhutto
April 14, 2015

Set during the American invasion of Afghanistan, Fatima Bhutto’s debut novel The Shadow of the Crescent Moon begins and ends one rain-swept Friday morning in Mir Ali, a small town in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas close to the Afghan border. Three brothers meet for breakfast. Soon after, the eldest, Aman Erum, recently returned from America, hails a taxi to the local mosque. Sikandar, a doctor, drives to the hospital where he works, but must first stop to collect his troubled wife, who has not joined the family that morning. No one knows where Mina goes these days. But when, later in the morning, the two are taken hostage by members of the Taliban, Mina will prove to be stronger than anyone could have imagined. Our reviewer writes that The Shadow of the Crescent Moon is “a timely, earnest portrait of a family torn apart by the machinations of other people’s war games and desperately trying to survive.” View video >