PERFIDIA by D.Z. Church

"Overpowering dread and a leery protagonist make this a suspenseful read."
In Church's debut thriller, a California schoolteacher's search for her missing father in 1970s Barbados puts her in the middle of an ongoing fight over a much-desired piece of land. Read full book review >
WHITE ASHES by John D. Moulton
Released: Aug. 14, 2015

"A long but laudable tale that deftly blends a love story with all the goodies of crime fiction."
A debut thriller tells the story of a young couple in the 1960s whose romance inadvertently stirs up an unsavory past and a few dangerous individuals. Read full book review >

THE WEIGHT OF LIES by Emily Carpenter
Released: June 6, 2017

"Twists aplenty in this searing murder mystery should leave readers dizzy, in the best way possible."
In this thriller, a tell-all about a celebrity novelist examines her most famous horror book, which may be more truth than fiction. Read full book review >
CREATURES by David H. Burkett
Released: Aug. 6, 2016

"A fleet, action-packed tale with a formidable creature."
In this debut sci-fi thriller, a team of scientists encounters a deadly predator in the Amazon jungle. Read full book review >
RED EARTH by Joel Canfield
Released: Feb. 27, 2017

"A welcome return of a witty protagonist."
Private investigator Max Bowman confronts a familiar enemy in the third installment of Canfield's (Blue Fire, 2016, etc.) thriller series.Read full book review >

THE SWITCH by Joseph Finder
Released: June 13, 2017

"A master of what might be called the 'man in over his head' thriller, Finder delivers a tense, uncannily relevant tale about government secrets falling into the wrong hands."
Boston coffee executive Michael Tanner's life is in jeopardy after he takes home the wrong laptop from the airport—one belonging to an Illinois senator containing highly classified files. Read full book review >
THE LAST HACK by Christopher Brookmyre
Released: July 4, 2017

"An enjoyable departure from its predecessors, Brookmyre's eighth Jack Parlabane novel works exceptionally well as cybercrime fiction, but it's the human element that makes it tick."
Blackmailed by an online stranger calling himself Zodiac, young black Glaswegian hacker Samantha Morpeth teams with scuffling journalist Jack Parlabane in an attempt to turn the tables on her foe. Read full book review >
FLASHMOB by Christopher Farnsworth
Released: June 27, 2017

"Farnsworth's follow-up to Killfile is a smooth, assured effort but lacks some of the first book's excitement—partly because the methods and mentality of its strangely gifted protagonist have lost some of their freshness."
John Smith, the mind-reading crime fighter introduced in Killfile (2016), goes up against Downvote, a darknet site that incites violence against targeted individuals. Read full book review >
BUYING BRAZIL by Arthur J. Rawl
Released: April 3, 2017

"A high-finance novel that bogs down in deals, meals, and spinning its wheels."
In this Brazil-set financial thriller, a British merchant banker tries to broker a delicate telecom deal. Read full book review >
Released: June 13, 2017

"A suspenseful tale brimming with intriguing concepts."
A CIA operative-turned-monk threatens a covert organization that advocates science over religion in Jambor's (Wildfire in the Desert, 2015) thriller.Read full book review >
UNSUB by Meg Gardiner
Released: June 27, 2017

"Every detail Gardiner (Phantom Instinct, 2014, etc.) uses to grease the skids is over-the-top, but readers sucked into this vortex won't care; they'll be too busy counting down the hours to the appearance of the promised sequel, which seems poised to begin about five minutes after the final scene."
Move over, Zodiac. The latest of the countless fictional serial killers you've inspired gives you a blistering run for your money. Read full book review >
PAX AMERICANA by Kurt Baumeister
Released: March 15, 2017

"An impressively creative blend of political intrigue and sci-fi drama partially undermined by unconvincing premises."
A political thriller portrays a future world on the brink of war as a result of a religious conflict. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Katey Sagal
author of GRACE NOTES
April 10, 2017

In her memoir Grace Notes, actress and singer/songwriter Katey Sagal takes you through the highs and lows of her life, from the tragic deaths of her parents to her long years in the Los Angeles rock scene, from being diagnosed with cancer at the age of twenty-eight to getting her big break on the fledgling FOX network as the wise-cracking Peggy Bundy on the beloved sitcom Married…with Children. Sparse and poetic, Grace Notes is an emotionally riveting tale of struggle and success, both professional and personal: Sagal’s path to sobriety; the stillbirth of her first daughter, Ruby; motherhood; the experience of having her third daughter at age 52 with the help of a surrogate; and her lifelong passion for music. “While this book is sure to please the author’s many fans, its thoughtful, no-regrets honesty will no doubt also appeal to readers of Hollywood memoirs seeking substance that goes beyond gossip and name-dropping,” our critic writes. “A candid, reflective memoir.” View video >