PAPA'S WIFE by Thyra Ferre Bjorn


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The story of life in a Swedish family which immigrated to America in the midst of growing up has some of the heart appeal, less delicately expressed, of I Remember Mama and is on its own thoroughly good humored, if sometimes too cute. Mama came to the house of the Swedish pastor Franzon as a maid, left it when marriage to him seemed remote and traveled to America, where ""Papa"" followed her- and accepted her proposal. Back in Sweden, she gave birth to her ""dreams"" -- eight lovely children- and did her best to educate her serious husband in the ways of love and fatherhood. Determined that her ""dreams"" should have an education, she won the war for immigration to America, where the Pastor found a New England church in need of a Swedish leader. Mama's ways predominate as she looks at an angelic statue to produce beautiful and holy children, as she turns the parsonage into a bakery to raise funds for Papa to visit his homeland... but Papa has his days too, such as the one when he invites a would-be thief to take care of his farm. The children blossom happily and make their life decisions -- Vickey marrying the minister beau of her sister Button, who prefers writing and secular life; Pelle turning from teaching to preaching in a moment of inspiration aided by his father; Nims taking the long road to being a surgeon while his girl willingly waits for him. Warming and sturdy, a true hausfrau dish.

ISBN: 0899668836
Publisher: Rinehart