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by Tiana Warner

Pub Date: April 10th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0988003903
Publisher: Self

In Warner’s debut novel, Jacob T. Badgley is trapped on a planet on the edge of extinction.

After his first year of university, Jacob joins his friends in revelry and celebration of their accomplishments. Little does he know that on this night he would be transported to the planet Zielaarde, and his life will never be the same. Upon his arrival on this strange planet, Jacob is escorted around like a foreign diplomat and worshipped like a god. He is required to make speeches and appearances to the alien inhabitants, promoting technology and endorsing Mordulo, the Ziel leader. The Ziels are obsessed with technology and have found a way to use the planet’s gravitational force as a source of energy. He soon discovers, however, that the planet is on the verge of self-destruction. By using gravity as a power source, the planet faces what they call a Gravitational Loss Crisis. Warner smartly considers the physics of space and time travel, the prospect of the edge of the universe and the imminent danger of proximity to a black hole. Jacob must find the courage to defy a malevolent dictator and to stand up for himself and others if he’s ever going to return to Earth. Warner also touches lightly upon the questions of an afterlife and fear of the unknown. For Jacob, these are truly frightening topics that he’s forced to face. When he discovers he’s not the first human to have arrived on this planet, he must consider his beliefs and decide what he holds dear. Warner’s readers grow with Jacob as he realizes that what he might consider human qualities, both good and bad, can be truly universal. While he fights for his own existence, he comes face to face with destruction and creation. His world, wherever it may be, is forever changed.

An adventure for young sci-fi junkies with a passion for discovery.