WOMAN'S ASTROLOGY by Tiffany Holmes


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Androgynous astrology? Tiffany Holmes' self-help text assails popular astrologers for presuming that fire and air signs are masculine (positive) and water and earth signs are feminine (negative), and for statements like, ""As a rule [the moon in the fourth house] makes the natives fond of cooking and housekeeping and is especially favorable in a woman's horoscope."" She aims her nonsexist explanation of sun and moon signs, ascendants, and planetary influences at the contemporary woman, who--with her consciousness raised and her horoscope carefully calculated--can set out to improve herself. Devoting a section to famous women and their charts and another to a poll of forty ""dynamic, intelligent, liberated career women,"" she cites their predominating astrological traits: Leo, with its ""flair for leadership, self containment, and drama,"" and Aquarius, ""the social crusader,"" take the lead for sunsigns, while a Capricorn moon helps to inhibit ""domestic talents"" and fuel ambition. Another tack for that favorite cocktail party gambit, ""What sign are You?

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1976
Publisher: Dutton