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DEAR READER by Tiffany Rose Kirkus Star


A Love Letter to Libraries

by Tiffany Rose ; illustrated by Tiffany Rose

Pub Date: Jan. 11th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-4998-1225-1
Publisher: Little Bee Books

A book-loving, brown-skinned, proactive young girl advocates for stories with characters that look like her.

Her appetite for books is so insatiable that she likes stories of all kinds, including those “full of thrones, quests, friendship, and dreams” and those “with brave heroines and heroes saving the day.” Although she views herself as a heroine, she has a “nagging suspicion” that she doesn't meet the “criteria for a heroine's condition” because not a single character in the books she loves looks like her. Searching for characters with brown skin who “do magic, fight villains, and find lost cities of gold,” she finds only stories of “struggle, hardship, and pain” and asks what it means “for a girl like me…to never see a face like mine.” Undaunted, she opts to create her own stories of “cocoa-colored mer-people, honey-hued dragon slayers, and superheroes with locs.” She invites readers to join her in making her “melanated words come to life” and in telling stories as “diverse as our skin.” The energetic, upbeat text employing the occasional rhyme transmits an urgency designed to prompt readers to action. Colorful and imaginative illustrations show the spunky protagonist engulfed by towers of books and transported to storybook worlds peopled by brown-skinned characters.

A rousing call to action for more racially diverse children’s literature.

(Picture book. 6-8)