DOCTOR ARNOLDI by Tiffany Thayer


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It is so poor that it is a temptation to eliminate it from the ""must books"" but the fact remains that there is a Tiffany Thayer market, a large and avid one, and that the average bookshop cannot afford to ignore the demands of the public. However, I venture to prophesy that this book is so definite a drop from previous achievements of the author, that it will materially reduce the second wind of the sale, so don't plunge.... The theme revolves around the somewhat hackneyed idea -- what would happen if death were conquered. And the development is neither particularly original nor particularly interesting. There is less sex than the Tiffany Thayer market banks on getting -- and what there is, is dragged in, willy nilly, to no good end. Previously, one could count on adroit story telling. This time, that fails. Extensive advertising -- and previous records -- will build up a sale.

Pub Date: March 30th, 1934
Publisher: Julian Messner