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Grover's Adventures in Israel

by Tilda Balsley & Ellen Fischer ; illustrated by Tom Leigh

Pub Date: March 1st, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-7613-7558-6
Publisher: Kar-Ben

The best way to experience this book is to find someone who does a really good Grover impression for a read-aloud.

Grover has one of the most distinctive voices in the history of children’s television, and all Sesame Street fans will hear that voice in their heads as soon as they pick up the book. The authors have captured his speech pattern perfectly. The book is full of phrases like “Hello everybodeee!” and “I am so confused!” People who aren’t familiar with the show may find the plot slight and episodic: Grover lands at the airport in Israel and trades his dollars for shekels. Grover takes part in a camel race with Bedouins. It’s an informative-enough guide to Israel (though the section on Masada carefully leaves out its violent military history), and Grover is always getting into trouble in entertaining ways. (“Camels,” he says, “can be very rude.”) Leigh also draws very funny pictures of livestock, and he depicts the Sesame Street characters with loving fidelity. But none of that stops Grover’s travels from feeling slightly aimless.

Dedicated viewers of the show will be thrilled with the book. Other readers might enjoy it more with Grover around to act it out.

(Picture book. 4-8)