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by Tim Dorsey

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-082969-8
Publisher: Morrow/HarperCollins

Recovered from the midlife malaise that made him seem almost normal in Hurricane Punch (2007), South Florida’s leading sociopath goes back to what he does best: murder and mayhem.

Booted out of Anger Management even though he offered to pay for all those desks, Serge A. Storms agrees to give his discouraged therapist one more try. So off he goes to Nonconfrontationalists Anonymous, where he hooks up with Jim Davenport, his old pal from Triggerfish Lane. Jim’s moved up in the world. Prodded by his wife Martha, he’s bought a house they can barely afford on secluded Davis Island. But Serge knows that no seawall can protect Jim from the vengeance of Tex McGraw, whose cousin Jim accidentally killed. So Serge wangles a house-sitting gig with ultra-rich, ultra-clueless Gaylord Wainscotting, and soon Serge, his stoner friend Coleman and their voluptuous, psychotic companion Rachael are the Davenports’ neighbors. Besides beheading, electrocuting and lethally superhydrating Jim’s enemies, Serge gives him useful advice about how to improve his sex life. And when Davis Island overheats, Serge moves his ménage aboard the cruise ship Serendipity, where the Diaz Brothers, having conned golden-agers Edith, Eunice, Edna and Ethel into muling stolen antiquities, hide from their outraged suppliers and a shadowy U.S. agent named Foxtrot.

As usual, enough is never enough as Serge takes up for the little guy whether the little guy wants it or not.