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by Tim Dorsey

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-143266-8
Publisher: Morrow/HarperCollins

Lovable sociopath Serge Storms (Atomic Lobster, 2007, etc.) goes high tech, spreading information over the Internet about Florida’s gas, food and lodgings.

After putting in some pro bono work dispatching a pair of skinheads for roughing up a guy living in a cardboard box underneath one of Jacksonville’s seven bridges, Serge decides he needs a paying gig. So he folds his pal Coleman into his 1971 Javelin and heads for a local Internet Job Fair. Pretty soon, he’s both a street checker for a GPS system and a motel evaluator for a discount-travel website. These new professions allow him to keep on doing what he loves best: driving all over Florida and checking out obscure tourist attractions, including the West Tavern, where Lynyrd Skynyrd got the inspiration for “Three Steps,” and the Holiday Inn across from Silver Springs, where John Travolta goes for his Denny’s fix. He crosses paths with a posse of peripatetic coin dealers, some of whom smuggle diamonds on the side, and a band of thugs who plot to steal the diamonds. And he picks up Story Long, a hitchhiking stripper who shares Serge’s love of sex followed by Viewmaster shots. Naturally, he takes time now and then to knock off some of the bad guys, especially after they beat up Howard, a Florida memorabilia fan whose collection is rivaled only by Serge’s.

Less zany than usual, Serge’s 11th, part travelogue, part bloodbath, is both as monotonous and as uncertain as that combination would suggest.