KOREN by Tim Lukeman


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More frantically inflated sword & sorcery from the author of the somewhat less dismal Rajan (1979). Against a vaguely oriental background, blood-brothers Koren and Chimu sign up for the elite but soulless warrior cabal, the Lhas'kar. As basic training the friends must reach Lhas'kar HQ separately under their own steam--but Lhas'kars are universally hated and feared, and the branded recruits are killed on sight. Along the way Koren is offered a job by the evil, ambitious sorcerer Harin; the hero refuses, and after various adventures, he gains entrance to the Lhas'kar fortress--where another disagreeable sorcerer solicits his services. So finally, having failed to persuade Chimu to resign from the cabal, Koren works out numerous adolescent hangups and flees, with both importunate sorcerers in hot pursuit. Overwritten and pompous (many vague mouthings about the nature of freedom)--for s & s addicts and Rajan enthusiasts only.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1981
Publisher: Doubleday