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by Tim McCanna ; illustrated by Keith Frawley ; developed by Little Bahalia Publishing

Age Range: 2 - 5

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 2013
Publisher: Little Bahalia Publishing

This convoy of microtrucks carries tiny cargo (and toddlers alike) on an imaginative journey.

Combining two toddler fascinations—things that go and tiny creatures—into a rhyming story app, Little Bahalia gives pre-readers a delightful visit to seemingly unlikely places. These miniscule vehicles, smaller than a dime, motor through flower beds, gardens, tunnels, rocky passes and valleys green...all toward an unknown destination. Along the way, they are greeted and assisted by a host of multilegged friends: the ants who load the cargo, a friendly ladybug and a caterpillar bridge. The teeny-tiny trucks must pass through a garden-hose tunnel, visit a beaver-tail weigh station, navigate past jacks on a sidewalk and cross the lake on a lily pad, propelled by a turtle. All along the way, the rhythmic, bouncy rhyme propels the adventure forward, with trucker lingo riding shotgun and a sweet animal-cracker–box truck stop waiting at the end of the journey. Animations and interactions (taps send a truck through the hose and activate the beaver-tail scale, for instance) are simple but effective, appropriate to the audience. The text is reprised as a jaunty country-western song on the credits page; it won’t be long before preschoolers have it memorized. 

Less really is more in this clever rhyming adventure. (iPad storybook app. 2-5)