TORY OATH by Tim Pridgen
Kirkus Star


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I liked this enormously. A good companion piece to Oliver Wiswell, in some respects, perhaps, a better book, for Duncan Stuart is a more credible -- and a more likeable- character than Oliver Wiswell. And the romance is a stormy one, with emotional depths that Oliver's love story lacked. It is a story of the Scots of North Carolina and of their checkered careers in the American Revolution. Under the leadership of the adored Flora MacDonald, many of them remained loyal Tories to the bitter end in Yorktown. And through the Carolinas there surged, throughout those years, a Civil War which sundered brother from brother, husband from wife, lover from mistress. Duncan was true to his ""Tory oath""; Mary, whom he loved, was a Rebel; their mutual love and their mutual stubbornness kept them apart, with their loyalties confused a bit in their ties with the Scottish cause. The canvas is confined to this section -- to the action that took place there. But the story is a vigorous one, with the pattern of the characters sharply etched against a not-too-hackneyed page of history. Good entertainment, and a book which offers a chance for substantial sales. Go to it!

Pub Date: May 16th, 1942
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran