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ALL THINGS NEW by Tim Snider


Understanding the Book of Revelation

by Tim Snider

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1449725341
Publisher: WestBow/Thomas Nelson

A verse-by-verse study of the biblical book of Revelation—without the scary undertones.

The book of Revelation has widely been associated with the last days of the world, complete with monsters, bizarre imagery and hair-raising prophecy. But in this concise, well-written study, Snider reveals the true nature of Revelation—a message of hope for God’s people. Snider breaks down Revelation verse by verse, offering commentary couched in solid, biblical evidence as well as incorporating conclusions drawn by noted theologians. From the Seven Seals and the Trumpet Judgments to the Beast and the False Prophet, Snider unwraps the myth and hysteria our culture has attached to each prophecy and the author explains these elements in simple, easy-to-understand terms and nonthreatening language. Footnotes on each page as well as a comprehensive bibliography and index assist in further study. From the beginning, Snider makes it clear that this is a Christian study not for scholars but for the average believer and nonbeliever alike. His prose is entertaining and conversational and thankfully lacks boring academic language. What truly sets this study apart from others in the field is the compassion that Snider infuses into each page. He seeks to restore Revelation back to the Apostle John’s intended purpose instead of the terrifying tome overzealous believers have turned it into. But it is Snider’s unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ that is at the heart of this study. He takes the time to reveal why he is a believer, and his reasons address some of the more common objections to Christianity. Snider doesn’t wish to shroud any of the prophecies of Revelation but instead wants them to be understood just as Jesus Christ is to be believed. After reading this study, readers will undoubtedly be filled more with peace than with anxiety for the coming End Days.