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by Tímea Fülöp & illustrated by Tímea Fülöp & developed by Tímea Fülöp & Erik Simko

Age Range: 3 - 6

Pub Date: March 16th, 2014
Publisher: Erik Simko

Sweet artwork and good intentions are the highlights of this storybook app.

Jazmin isn’t feeling well, and her family is concerned. Niki tries to coax her off the couch, but she has no luck. “ ‘Jazmin, come catch me!’ Niki shouted enthusiastically, but Jazmin did not feel like playing catch.” The next morning, Jazmin’s mother takes her to the doctor—indeed, an ear infection is causing these problems. Cheerful, childlike illustrations help set a positive tone for this story. With a little medicine and plenty of rest, Jazmin gets better in just a few days. Unfortunately, good intentions suffer from a lackluster final product. The page turns are clunky, with relatively long, black-screened pauses between pages. Interactive features are often distracting; readers can make toys bounce and tumble, marring the solemn effect. Although the characters are expressive, the animations are stiff. The narration is pleasant, and readers who wish to may easily turn off the music and narration on the home page. The simple sticker game won’t occupy little ones for long. Readers coping with their own sniffles should turn to the very funny Even Monsters Get Sick, by Michael Bruza, or the reassuring Maisy Goes to the Hospital, by Lucy Cousins, instead.

Look elsewhere for reassurance for sick little ones. (iPad storybook app. 3-6)