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EVIL? by Timothy Carter


by Timothy Carter

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7387-1539-1
Publisher: Flux

Gay Canadian teen Stuart Bradley touches off a town-wide paroxysm of righteous fury when he…erm, touches HIMSELF. Overnight everyone (except the cool town priest, Father Reedy) comes to agree that the Sin of Onan is the worst possible sin. With the reluctant help of Fon Pyre, a summoned demon, Stuart discovers that the source of the mania is the new Biblical Scriptures teacher at school, who is, in fact, a Fallen Angel. The two set out with the equally reluctant assistance of sometimes-attractive-but-always-chicken Chester (who once shared a clandestine if chaste night of passion with Stuart) to save the town and, it turns out, the world from a horde of demons ready to enter our plane of existence on the wave of hatred set in motion by the Fallen Angel. Carter’s latest modern fantasy turns a critical and satirical eye on the evangelical fear of all things sexual. Never unfair or prurient, this laugh-filled romp will supply the right reader with a thing or two to think about as well as a host of new euphemisms for masturbation, making it educational as well as vastly entertaining. (Fantasy. YA)